Toshiba Laptop GPU repair


Toshiba Satellite T235 Laptop GPU repair done.


Problem: Non-booting, blank screen only, no display

History: Client experienced lag/hangs whenever they try to watch movies or play games. After sometime, the laptop just won’t boot anymore. Power on LED notification and charging LED remains lit but no display on screen.

Solution: We tried basic troubleshooting first but the unit is still not booting-up. We then checked the heat sinks of the CPU and GPU, and found out that the thermal pad is all worn-out causing the overheating of the components. At this point we are 80% sure that the GPU needs to be re-aligned, so we proceeded with the laptop gpu repair. After a few barebone test runs, the laptop seems to work ok.


laptop gpu repair

We assembled the unit and test it again watching movies and playing some flash games, — Final Test = passed, all is working fine now.


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