USB port replacement Samsung J500

usb port replacement for samsung j500

Samsung J500 USB Port Replacement

Problem: Not Charging, and OTG not detected.
History: Spilled with soda while on top of a table. Leather case was wet but they did not notice that some soda has reached the bottom part of the phone. Started to show problems with charging and OTG detection after few days.


Solution: I’ve decide to open the unit right away because I am 99% sure that the usb port has been corroded and true enough, upon visual inspection you can see corrosion stains on the plastic chassis.


Same with the front side, you can still see the brown soda residue all over the board.


We removed the corroded USB port then replaced it with a new one. My OTG drive was detected right away after the USB replacement and the charging issue was resolved as well. Unfortunately, I was not able to get anymore pictures because this was a rush job.




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