PC Maintenance – Cleaning your Computer

PC Maintenance – Cleaning your Computer

Our computers are plug and play, but they are not maintenance free. PC maintenance should be done at least once a year of whenever necessary. This post will just cover the physical aspect of cleaning you computer.

Check the image below:
pc maintenance

This desktop PC has not been cleaned from the day it was assembled according to its  owner. Dust build up is all over the components which causes build up in heat also.



A closer look at the heat sink fan (HSF), it still spins but way slower than normal. This is causing major temp problems with the CPU thus making it slow and sometimes just shuts off by itself.


This is the carpet of dust under the heat sink fan. Very minimal or no air can flow through the aluminum fins to cool down the processor temperature.


What you need to do :

  1. Carefully remove your chassis cover, disconnect side fan cable (if there’s one).
  2. Inspect your computer at least every 3 months to see how much dust has accumulated.
  3. Dust-off visible build-up by using a soft paint brush. It’s safe to use 1″ horse bristle brush.
  4. If you have a video card installed, brush off the top and bottom of the PCI-E slot.
  5. Clean all the fans on your chassis to help with the airflow in your system.
  6. Use a slightly damp rag to wipe off the dust in the cables and the rest of the chassis.

These are just basic cleaning step that anyone can do. I recommend that you get a professional PC technician or a qualified geek for thorough cleaning service. Some cleaning procedure requires removal of CPU, memory, hard drives, & heat sinks. Get optimal performance for a long time if you maintain your PCs properly.



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