Laptop crashes and freezes?

Most laptops regardless of brand/make share a common issue after a few years of service. Frequent slowdowns, software hangs, application freezes and sometimes …..just “dead”. A laptops average lifespan as to my experience is 3 to 5 years within normal usage, but most users encounter the above mentioned problems even before the 3 years mark. Here’s the most common factors affecting your laptops performance :

Software Issues

Operating System (Windows/Mac OS/Linux) – your operating stores different chunks of data overtime. It can be shadow copy of system files, logs of things your have installed, backups of your personal folders etc. . . these files pile up. Now every time you open a file or application, your computer will scan some of these files before it actually process your request of opening the application. The delays could be just a few seconds but when these files are damaged or corrupted in any way, this could freeze your system for a few minutes or more.

Virus Malware – computer virus behaves in different ways. There are viruses that duplicate files and eat up your memory, there are adware/dropper types that will install unwanted scripts that will affect your web browser, file associations, and system files. Severe virus infection will cause your system to run extremely slow or just crash randomly.

File Optimization –  A normal user could’ve installed maybe more that a dozen software applications already in just a few months. Whenever we decided uninstall this apps, some files are still left floating around. These junk files can affect system performance overtime, it can also cause conflicts when your try to install a newer version of an app.

Hardware Issues

Defective peripherals – there are times that even integrated peripherals fail in your laptop. Hard drive controllers fail sooner or later causing hangs, lags and data corruption. I’ve also seen stuck optical drives cause delays in the boot sequence, this usually happens when a disk is stuck inside and your computer tried to read it over and over again before booting up.

Overheating Issue – I consider this the main culprit of them all. Your laptop components performs well at certain temperatures but when it exceeds its maximum operating temperature. . .that’s where the problem starts. Processor and GPU chips have thermal protection that forces it to shut down when triggered, this causes your laptop to become unresponsive. Lack of ventilation inside the laptop chassis is also a contributing factor.

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