August 16, 2016

Cellphone Repair Services

cellphone repair services

Cellphone Repair Services

  • Unlocking Services
  • Digitizer / Glass Replacement
  • LCD Assembly Replacement
  • No Power / Grounded
  • Auto shut-off and restart (Bootloop)
  • Manual Software Update and Recovery
  • Auto Shut off
  • Button Replacements
  • Deadboot repair (JTAG)
  • Network / Wifi problems
  • Audio / Speakers / Microphone Issues
  • Water Damaged Units


USB port replacement Samsung J500

Samsung J500 USB Port Replacement Problem: Not Charging, and OTG not detected. History: Spilled with soda while on top of a table. Leather case was wet but they did not notice that some soda has reached the bottom part of the phone. Started to show problems with charging and OTG detection after few days.   Solution: I’ve[…]